5 Surprising Last Minute Gifts Ideas From 7-11

You know that “oh no!” moment when you realize you forgot someone’s birthday or that you missed someone on your holiday gift list and you have no last minute gift ideas?

Sure you do. We’ve all had that moment.

Thank heaven for 7-11. Wait, 7-11? Yep.

Your local 7-11 is stocked with last minute gift ideas.

And since it’s open 24 hours, you can get there soon after the moment when that realization hits. Even if it’s 4 AM (which is usually when moments like this hit).

So what kind of gift can you possibly get at 7-11? With a little thought and creativity, you can show up with a pretty cool gift. Here are five ideas to get you started:

1. Phone stuff… and even phones

No need to go to your local mobile/cellular store. You can find accessories like a mobile phone power brick emergency charger, a touch-screen stylus and pen, a mobile phone stand, even a retro corded phone receiver or some other novelty.

At some locations, 7-Eleven even has phones, offering a selection of prepaid phones ranging in price and style from the low-tech flip phone to something much more high-tech that offers web capability, social networking, email, camera-video and text, Instant Messenger and picture messaging.

2. Magazine subscription

Maybe you go to the magazine rack to browse for a bit hoping for some inspiration. Have you thought about an actual subscription to any of the magazines there? One could be just right for your needs.

And guess what? The idea that only older people read magazines has been debunked. A 2014 study done by Magazine Media Factbook showed exactly the opposite: 91% of American adults read magazine media, and that number increases to 94% for adults under 35 and 96% for adults under 25.

A magazine subscription is a gift that keeps giving. And it won’t go unread.

3. Binge watcher’s snack bag

With the bazillion streaming services available, more and more people are engaging in the ultimate couch potato activity of binge watching.

So toss in some actual potato chips. Or some tortilla chips and salsa. Maybe cheese and crackers. Whatever constitutes good snacking food while staring at the TV.

Put it all in a gift bag and label it the binge-watcher’s food service.

You might even toss in an actual DVD, which some 7-11 stores stock. It could be old-school DVD that has sentimental value – something you watched with the person a long time ago.

4. Chocolate

As easy as it gets.

From the fancy gold-wrapped Ferrero-Rochers right down to four Hershey bars wrapped in a ribbon, this is usually a safe bet. It’s a rare person who doesn’t like chocolate.

5. The gift card

Whether it’s for 7-11 or a prepaid card from another company or business, you can’t go wrong. And it’s one of the easiest last minute gift ideas.

7-11 has its own gift card which is specially designed for coffee-lovers.

They also carry a wide variety of gift cards from other companies. They’re available in different denominations from $10 – $500 and could be for general use, entertainment, dining, music, gaming, smartphones, whatever.

So if you’re rattling your brain trying to come up with last minute gift ideas, head to your local 7-11 and free yourself of worry. You might even find some inspiration you had no idea would be there.

Do you have any other great gift ideas from 7-11? Leave a comment below and also check out our blog!