The Best Fence Repair Near Me Offering Free Estimates

Find Fence Repair Contractors In Your Area
Find Fence Repair Contractors In Your Area

Your fence is an essential part of your garden and the home’s overall exterior. It provides the very practical use of offering more security and privacy, making the home feel more secure and comfortable. It helps keep any pets in. Moreover, it adds to the visual appeal of the home, which can often mean that the home ends up more valuable. When the fence is compromised, you lose all those benefits, so it’s worth getting it fixed as soon as possible. To that end, we’re going to take a look at what you hope to see from your fencing repair team. That way, you can know what to look for before you make your decision and end up with the best possible result.

A license

This should come first and foremost. Most companies and tradesmen that offer fencing repairs also offer installation. In order to do so, they normally have a license that proves they’re kept up-to-date with training and that they’re fully qualified. Always asking your fencing repair team if they’re licensed before you agree to let them do any work. The best and most trustworthy amongst them will even list their license number up front on their site or in any listings they’re a part of.


The longer a particular business has been active, the more likely they are to have a successful business model and a level of customer service that has supported them this far. If they’ve been operating for decades, that’s a good sign. However, you should be sure to ask them specifically how long they’ve been operating under their current company name. A lot of tradesmen with bad reputations will change a company name in order to try to lose that reputation.


Of course, the best way to see what kind of reputation a fence repair company has is to look up what others are saying about them. Nowadays, there is an issue with fake reviews on the internet. The best way to avoid those is to look for balanced reviews. Weigh the good against the bad. It depends on your priorities, but if the former outweighs the latter, then there’s a good chance the company is worth trusting.

A portfolio

Even more trustworthy than someone’s opinion on their work is taking a look at the work itself. Of course, a portfolio of their past fencing jobs won’t tell you everything. It won’t say about their customer service, their pricing, or their promptness. If they have before and after pictures, however, it will give you an idea of their work. Some particularly untrustworthy services will use images that aren’t really theirs, however. So, if they have a portfolio on their website, you can copy their image link by right-clicking it. Paste that link into a search engine, and see if it matches it to pictures on another site. If it does, they may very well be stealing credit for work that another team did.

Power in the hands of the customer

As stated in the title, this post is all about choosing fence repair companies that offer a free estimate. That estimate is the important part. Giving you as much information as possible and the time to think about your decision is something that every fence repair company should do. If it ever feels like they’re pressuring you to make a decision on the spot or to agree to the costs of estimate as soon as they present that, that should be a red flag. If they’re trying to get you to make a decision right now, there might be a good reason as to why they don’t want you thinking about it. Sometimes, you might be able to get multiple estimates from other services that could prove them more expensive than they should be, for instance. Keep your cool and always go into negotiations with a fencer open to the fact that you’re not going to give them an answer right away.

Prompt response

Getting an estimate is key to having time to think about the different services on offer. However, sometimes, repairing a fence is more than an eventual need, it’s an emergency. This is especially true if the damage done to your fence is a danger to you and your family, or if you have any pets that might escape through any gaps created in the fence. To that end, it’s worth asking if the fencing team offers same-day estimates and repairs.

Long-term customers

It’s not always the easiest thing to spot, but if you get any evidence or impression that a business has a lot of customers that have stayed with them for years or even decades, it’s a good sign that they’ve kept them happy all that long. Sometimes, you will see mentions of these long-term customers in reviews, or you might meet one or two if you take the opportunity to visit their office. Any company can boast about having a large number of customers. Very few are successful and customer-focused enough to boast a customer retention rate over 90%. If you find one that does, it’s worth holding onto them.

Open and eager to answer

In the same vein as the last point, if they show frustration or reluctant to answer basic questions about the services they provide, the chances are that they might not be as much of an expert in the business as they advertise themselves to be. Can they pull permits? How do they deal with grading on a project? What other costs should you have to potential budget for? These are important questions that any experienced, truly professional fencing company should be able to provide answers for with very little effort.

Above all else, the best way to get a feel of whether a fencing repair company is best for you is to get in touch with them and talk person-to-person. You can learn a lot about how trustworthy they are by seeing how able they are to offer information up front. Just as you’re more able to gauge their expertise by having them explain their services in detail.