Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost

Painful waxing and tedious shaving are things of the past when it comes to removing unsightly hair. Brazilian laser hair removal is today’s more popular treatment, used by both women and men, for getting rid of unwanted hair. Easy, convenient and considerably less painful than traditional methods, Brazilian laser hair removal offers patients a wide range of options and costs.

What Determines the Cost of Brazilian Hair Removal?

Brazilian laser hair removal cost varies depending on a number of factors including the size and location of the area that will be treated, the number of treatments that will be necessary to complete the process and the area of the United States where the procedure will be done. The cost for Brazilian laser hair removal can also depend upon the type of treatment. Patients can choose between a full Brazilian, which removes all hair from an area; a Brazilian with a stripe, which removes all hair from an area except one stripe; a Brazilian with a triangle, which removes all hair from an area except a triangle and a Brazilian with a custom design of your choice.

What are Average Costs of Brazilian Hair Removal?

Depending on how much hair needs to be removed, Brazilian laser hair removal cost can differ. From the whole body to a very small area, costs are dependent upon the extent of the procedure. Average costs range anywhere from $180 to $400 for each session or $800 to $2,000 for a 6-treatment package. Brazilian laser hair removal cost for the entire body can be as much as $12,000 for 6 treatments or $2,000 per visit. The upper lip typically costs $75 for one session and around $450 for 6 treatments. Cheeks and sideburns are about $180 per visit or $1,080 for 6 sessions, and full leg treatments are about $572 per visit or $3,072 for 6 sessions.

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Where did Brazilian Hair Removal Originate?

Brazilian hair removal, before lasers were invented, dates back to ancient times as long ago as 4,000 BC. Brazilian hair removal became popular in the Western world during the mid-20th century when bathing suits became more revealing. Sexy lingerie has also contributed to the popularity of Brazilian hair removal techniques, including the laser options. Today’s use of lasers in Brazilian hair removal procedures has streamlined the process, made the treatments more comfortable and less time consuming and is often a near-permanent solution to the removal of unwanted hair.

What should Patients Consider when Choosing a Provider?

It is important to choose a qualified provider when making an appointment for a Brazilian hair removal treatment. The provider should be licensed, and it is best if you can obtain a reference from someone you know and trust. Other factors to consider include the provider’s medical degree, years of experience in the business, the quality of the lasers that will be used during the procedure, experience treating various skin types and colors, and finally, the convenience of the provider’s location. It is worth paying a bit higher Brazilian laser hair removal cost to get a skilled, professional provider.

Many Brazilian laser hair removal professionals offer free or very inexpensive consultations prior to setting an appointment for a treatment. It is virtually impossible to get a quote over the phone as skin and hair types vary greatly, and providers need to check each patient carefully to determine the proper treatment and associated costs.

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