How Can 24 Hour Glass Services Help Me?

It’s the middle of the night and a break-in or accident leaves your home or business exposed. You know it will be impossible to rest until you’ve secured your property.

A company that provides 24-hour glass services could be an invaluable resource.

Broken windows or doors can happen as a result of vandalism, extreme weather, or simply an unfortunate accident. Regardless of the reason, a fix needs to happen immediately to keep you, your family, or business safe.

A number of glass companies in the Phoenix area understand the urgency of a broken window at 2 am and offer 24-hour services to help you out.

Their technicians understand the need for efficiency and speed when dealing with emergency situations.

Let’s look at the ways they can help you.

Cleaning up Broken Glass and Debris

When a glass technician arrives they will need to clear out any glass or debris. Aside from being the first step in completing the repairs, it’s a serious safety issue. This debris needs to be cleaned up before anyone accesses the area.

During many break-ins, a door that contained glass may be damaged. In some instances, it will need to be removed altogether.

A glass services company will remove all broken glass and examine any frames or doors that have been damaged.

Boarding up Windows and Doors

Securing your home or business is the next step after removing the broken glass and debris. Many times this means boarding up the windows and doors that have been damaged.

You may just want to secure things for the time being and deal with the permanent repairs the next day.

In these instances, a glass technician can cut plywood to precisely fit the window or door and board up the exposed area. This can be done on the spot.

Many dual panes or tempered glass pieces have to measured and then ordered. If this is the case, boarding up the broken frame or doorway will secure the building until the glass arrives.

Replacing Glass On the Spot

You may decide that replacing the glass on a broken window or door needs to happen immediately. If you own a storefront that needs to operate the next day, you may not want unattractive plywood over the windows.

Single pane glass can be cut by a glass company and installed on the spot. You may want to order more specialized glass in the future, but at least you have quality glass repair for the time being.

This is a great option if you have a broken window at home and just don’t have time to deal with it.

Many glass companies can come access the break, cut the glass, and install it in the same day.

Glass Services Around the Clock

Glass repair companies know how much of an inconvenience a broken window or door is. Those that offer 24-hour repair services understand that the problem can’t be left until the next day.

If you own a business you should maintain a list of glass companies that offer 24-hour services.

Find glass services in the Phoenix area today.