Who Cashes Personal Checks?

You would think that the use of personal checks would have reduced over the past few years because of internet and electronic banking facilities that have been made available. However, the reality is that there are still a large number of people who rely heavily on the use of personal checks to obtain cash whenever they need it. To answer the question of, “Who cashes personal checks?” it is best to say ‘a lot of different places offer this handy service.’

Various Banking Institutions

Whenever anyone asks, “Who cashes personal checks?” the most obvious answer would be most banks are able to offer this service. Any banking institution will be able to assist you with converting your personal checks to cash. However, you will usually need to visit the bank that has issued the check in order for it to be cashed. For example, if it is a Bank of America check, you will need to make use of one of the many bank of America branches located around the country – even if you do not have an active bank account at the Bank of America.

Before you attempt to cash a personal check, there are a few things you should keep in mind. When you go into the bank to cash one of the personal checks issued by them (in the event of not being an account holder there), you will need to let the cashier or teller know that you would like to cash a personal check that has been issued to you by one of their clients. The bank cashier or teller will be able to confirm which of their account holders your personal check comes from because it is able to directly access the account. This will allow the bank to determine virtually right away if the account holder has sufficient funds to pay the check or not.

Kmart Stores

After asking, “Who cashes personal checks?” a large number of people are pleased to find out that Kmart usually offers this service to its customers. However, the only catch to trying to cash a personal check at your local Kmart is that it will have to be for $500 or less in value – otherwise you will not be able to cash it here. You will also need to bear in mind that there may be a small fee to pay in order to have your check processed, but this is usually quite a minimal fee that can range between $0.50 and $1. It will also be essential for you to provide at least one form of government approved photo identification before the transaction will be processed as well.

Giant Eagle

This is another popular spot for people who want to know, “Who cashes personal checks?” because there are so many of these stores around the country. In order to be able to cash your personal checks at a Giant Eagle store, you will either have to already be in possession of a Giant Eagle Advantage Card or be willing to apply for one at the time of trying to cash your personal check. If you would like to find out how much it will cost to cash your personal check, it is recommended that you contact your local store to confirm rates. You will also need to endorse your personal check in the presence of an authorized Giant-Eagle staff member. The name that is displayed on the check will also have to correspond with that which is displayed on the Giant Eagle Advantage Card that is going to be used.


Publix is also one of the most commonly used options when people ask, “Who cashes personal checks?” However, you will need to inquire beforehand in store or by calling your local Publix branch to confirm how much you will have to pay in check processing fees. Before a cashier is permitted to process your personal check, you will need to present at least one form of government approved photo identification – without this, you will not be able to exchange your check for cash.


This is another extremely popular option for anyone who would like to cash a personal check, especially outside of normal banking hours. It is important to remember though, that although Ralphs does advertise that they are able to cash personal checks, it will be entirely up to management’s discretion whether your check will be able to be cashed or not. When cashing a check at these stores, you can expect to pay anywhere between $3 and $5 as a check processing or cashing fee – which is quite affordable. You will also be required to present some form of government issued photo identification to ensure that you are the authorized check holder.

Specific Check Cashing Locations

There are a few other options when it comes to cashing personal checks.

Check Into Cash

It is possible to cash all of your personal checks at any Check Into Cash location. Owing to the fact that there is no mention made of the fees they may charge, you might have to call them ahead of time to confirm these. However, in most cases, they are quite affordable. Photo identification will also be required here.

Check Smart

This popular chain of check cashing store locations is only available in a few states. However, they are also able to provide personal check cashing services, provided that you are able to present a form of photo identification at the time the transaction is being processed. With regards to the fees they charge, it is essential that you call or inquire ahead of time so that you can be prepared.

ACE Check Cashing

ACE Check Cashing stores also provide a solution to, “Who cashes personal checks?” However, as with most other places that offer this service, you will need to inquire about the rates they charge to cash your personal checks. In addition, you will need to provide the teller or cashier with at least one form of photo identification, otherwise the transaction will not be processed.

PLS Check Cashing

PLS Check Cashing locations are also able to assist with people asking, “Who cashes personal checks?” This is one of a few companies that have made its check cashing rates easily available. In many cases, you can expect to pay about $1 plus 1% of the face value written on the check in order to process it. It will also be necessary for you to display at least one form of government approved photo identification so that your check can be processed as efficiently as possible.

Before you will be able to even attempt to cash any type of personal check, you will have to check and ensure that all of the information that has been filled out on it is completely legible and that no errors are visible in the writing. It is required to produce at least one form of photo identification when processing and cashing any personal or other type of check, as this helps prevent any form of check fraud from taking place. It also ensures that only the person whose name the check has been made out in is able to obtain the money.

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