What Is Considered To Be An Acceptable Form Of Identification For Cashing Checks?

After receiving any type of check, a lot of people think that all they need to do to obtain its cash value is to hand it over to a bank or credit union employee, store cashier or check cashing store employee and receive the cash. However, cashing a check is not as simple as this because you also need to provide an acceptable form of identification for cashing checks. Failure to do so will prevent you from being able to obtain the check’s cash value.

Photo Identification

When searching for confirmation with regards to an acceptable form of identification for cashing checks, most places will accept a range of photo ID documents. These can include but may not be limited to driver’s licenses, tribal IDs, military IDs, state identification cards or even passports. In some cases, check cashing locations in the US may also accept a temporary driver’s license with a photo, a Puerto Rico driver’s license that has a photo and signature displayed, a learner’s permit with a photo, expiration date and signature, a Federal Government Employee ID with a photo and a US Government Visa with a photo, signature and expiry date.

When producing your photo identification, it will ultimately be up to a store, bank, and credit union or check cashing store employee to inspect your ID to determine whether you are the person displayed on it before they will be allowed to process your checks. There may also be instances where you could be required to furnish a second form of identification or proof of address when cashing checks – in cases like these, a utility bill in your name is normally considered to be acceptable. If you are unsure of what the identification requirements are when cashing a check at your chosen location, it is recommended that you call ahead of time to confirm. This will save a lot of inconvenience.

How Check Cashing Usually Works

Most locations that cash checks have done their utmost best to make the process as easy and convenient as possible for their customers. For example, 7-Eleven has installed VCOM check cashing machines at a large number of their store locations around the country, while other locations have advertised that they are open and available to provide check cashing services 24 hours a day.

When you have received a check that needs to be cashed, all you will need to do is visit a bank, credit union, check cashing store or even some supermarkets and warehouse club stores, present your check along with an acceptable form of identification for cashing checks and your check will usually be processed within a few minutes at the most. However, if there are any potential issues with the identification you are using or if the check cannot be deciphered of any reason, the process may take longer – especially if you are not at the institution where the check was originally issued from.

Some Terms and Conditions May Apply

Although there are numerous locations available to cash your checks at, it’s important to remember that all of them will have their own terms and conditions that will apply. For example, Walmart has a limitation of $5,000 when cashing checks during certain times of the year (during the rest of the year, they increase this amount to $7,500 though). Some grocery store chains or other stores that offer these facilities may require that you make a purchase from them before they will be willing to cash your check as well. If you are not sure of the terms or conditions at the location you wish to cash your check at, it’s recommended that you do some research ahead of time in this regard.

After determining what the acceptable form of identification for cashing checks is at your chosen location, you will need to ensure that both your ID and the check that needs to be cashed is legible. This will help ensure that the entire process goes as quickly as possible, enabling you to get cash in hand to pay bills or purchase other essential items that you may have been waiting to buy.

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