Does CVS Have Western Union Facilities?

These days, most people are looking for as many quick and convenient ways as possible to send money around the world to friends, family or anyone who may have done some form of online work for them. This has prompted many of them to ask, “Does CVS have Western Union?” While CVS may not have Western Union, they do offer an alternative in the form of MoneyGram services, which can be just as effective as Western Union.

No Western Union – Now What do I do?

Find Western Union Locations

When people hear that the answer to, “Does CVS have Western union?” is no, many of them are quite concerned because they are not sure how they will be able to transfer funds to other people all over the world. However, there are other options available, with MoneyGram being one of the other more popular choices. In cases where MoneyGram is not going to be a suitable alternative option for transferring or receiving funds, you will need to use an alternative transaction location to CVS to assist you in this regard.

Fees May Sometimes Apply for Transactions

When discovering that the answer to, “Does CVS have Western Union?” is negative, many people also don’t realize that regardless of which method they use to send or receive money across the globe, fees will almost always apply. While some institutions may charge a percentage of the amount of money being transferred as their fee, others may charge a flat rate instead. As a result, it is essential that you make inquiries ahead of time in this regard. This will enable you to send a little extra cash to cover the cost of the fees if need be – and ensure that the person receiving their funds on the other side is, in fact, receiving the full amount that has been sent to them.

Identification will be Required

After asking, “Does CVS have Western Union?” the next most important question that ends up being asked is, “Do I just show up in person to send or receive my money?” In cases where you have to appear in person to send or receive the funds, you will always be required to provide some form of government issued identification before the transaction is able to be processed. This can be in the form of a social security card, student ID card, military ID card or even a valid driver’s license. The reason why identification has to be presented when performing a money-related transaction is to help prevent theft and fraud from taking place.

If you are disappointed by the fact that the answer to, “Does CVS have Western Union?” is no, there is no need to worry that you will not be able to send or transfer funds anywhere. Thanks to technological advancements, there are now so many different ways to transfer money to people around the world that there should at least be a few options that are going to be suitable for you.

CVS uses MoneyGram, not the Western Union.