Are You In the Mood for Late Night Breakfast?

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why should it be confined to early morning hours?

Now it doesn’t have to be. More restaurants are serving some form of late-night breakfast, making it easier for people to fulfill their midnight egg and bacon fantasies.

Studying all night for finals or just can’t sleep and need some pancakes ASAP? Here are some of the best places to get breakfast no matter how late it is.

Waffle House-The King of Late Night Breakfast

Waffle House has been serving up breakfast since 1955. The restaurant has the image of the quintessential American diner, from the jukebox to the flat top grill in the open kitchen.

The most famous item they serve (besides waffles) is the hash browns. They are served covered, smothered, chunked, diced, peppered, capped, topped, or country. The bravest of breakfast warriors can get them served all the way.

With locations in 25 states, there’s a good chance that a location is close to you. Pull up a seat, get some coffee, and make sure to get those hash browns.

Huddle House

The Huddle House is similar in a lot of ways to Waffle House. Both have the same layout and hours, and both serve their breakfast 24/7. There are a few differences, however, that set the Huddle apart.

First, there are the french fries. Huddle has them, and Waffle House doesn’t. The fries might be a strange thing to bring up, but sometimes a person needs fried potatoes to go with their omelet.

Huddle House also has a much larger late night breakfast menu. They offer anything the imagination can dream up, even milkshakes. Whereas Waffle House is more of a diner, Huddle strives to be a full-service restaurant.


Everyone has been to the International House of Pancakes at some point. They are a national chain that serves late night breakfast along with coffee drinks and seasonal favorites.

The chain specializes in pancakes (obviously) along with omelets and crepes. The menu options are diverse, as are the drinks. Flavors vary depending on the season, from pumpkin in the fall to peppermint during the Christmas season.

IHOP is a sit-down establishment, so it is best to eat there with plenty of time or looking to enjoy late night breakfast with friends or family.

They serve a wider variety of pancakes than anyone else, give their customers an endless array of possibility. They feature buttermilk and whole grain pancakes with different options for fruit topping and syrups.


Denny’s is another sit-down restaurant, a restaurant similar in spirit to IHOP. There are different options that make them stand apart, however.

Denny’s started in California in 1953 as a coffee and donut shop. As they expanded across the state and the Southwest, they changed their name and began offering products found in a traditional diner.

They now have a menu that features breakfast 24/7 with a California/Southwest American flair. They have breakfast skillets and omelets that feature mushrooms and avocados.

Their late night breakfast food has some quirky names, such as a sandwich called Moons over my Hammy, and the original Grand Slam breakfast. They also have an online ordering app known as Denny’s on demand, making it easy for people to get the food they want.

Jack In The Box

Hamburger with fresh vegetables for lunch meal

Sometimes there isn’t time to go into a restaurant and sit down. Using a drive through window, getting food, and eating on the couch at 2 am is a guilty pleasure that we’ve all experienced.

Jack in the Box offers a great late night breakfast that is both delicious and fun. They serve the types of things that your college roommate might have come up with during one of their more creative moments.

For example, they offer mash-ups of various foods, such as the wakey bakey hash. This dish features eggs, bacon, cheese sauce, hash browns, and pepper jack cheese. It’s as delicious as it sounds, and it isn’t something that you’ll find at another restaurant.

They also serve breakfast sandwiches that are sure to hit the spot. The loaded breakfast sandwich has eggs and cheese of course, but it also has ham, sausage, and bacon. Don’t worry; finding a 24-hour gym to work the sandwich off is easy enough.

Jack in the Box has a unique menu for cravings that aren’t satisfied by “ordinary” food. They might be the only restaurant where someone can get a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and jalapeno poppers at the same time.


Never underestimate the clown. After watching other companies make money off of all day breakfast, McDonald’s decided to follow suit. This revelation was such a big deal that the national media covered it for weeks.

Their breakfast menu has its limits, but this is a good thing for their customers. As one of the busiest restaurants in the world, it’s hard to execute a breakfast and lunch menu safely while maintaining quality.

McDonald’s does this by limiting what menu items are available after the traditional morning hours. By only serving certain items, they can serve everyone without running up labor costs, thus keeping their food prices down.

Many of the Mcdonald’s favorites, such as the McGriddle and the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, are served all day and night. When looking for a quick late night breakfast, this is the place to go. They are also one of the few places serving breakfast 24/7 that are located everywhere in the US.

Up Late and in Need of Something?

Unless people live in a major metropolitan area, it can be hard for them to find what they need late at night. Whether it’s a place that serves late night breakfast or an all night pharmacy, some things can’t wait until the morning.

That’s why we are here to help. If someone can’t sleep or works second shift and needs to get shopping done after work, we are here for them! Check out our blog for new information about what is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.