What Does Vcom Check Cashing Involve?

Vcom check cashing consists of using ATM-like units that have been installed at numerous 7 Eleven locations around the country. Instead of customers having to wait in line at the cashiers to exchange checks, they can simply insert their checks into these units for processing. This saves a significant amount of time and effort for customers as well as cashiers.

Membership Required to Use Vcom Check Cashing

The most important thing for all 7 Eleven customers to remember is that before they are allowed to make use of the Vcom check cashing service, they will be required to obtain a Vcom membership card. However, obtaining the card is an extremely easy process. All customers will need to do is visit their local 7 Eleven store, register for membership on the store’s Vcom banking system and provide their banking information. Customers will also have to bear in mind that the membership is limited to a range of participating credit unions and banks, so they will need to inquire beforehand whether they are eligible to sign up.

Not All Stores Have the Vcom Check Cashing Service

Before rushing off to their nearest 7 Eleven to cash a check, customers are strongly urged to call ahead and find out whether the store that they use regularly offers the Vcom check cashing facility. Not all 7 Eleven stores offer this facility, so calling ahead will save a lot of time and hassle, and it will enable the customer to seek out an alternative if their local 7 Eleven is unable to help them. In some cases, it may be possible to check on the 7 Eleven website to see whether a particular location supports the Vcom check cashing facility or not.

Creating your Vcom Account is Easy

When creating an account to use the Vcom check cashing system, you will need to touch on the credit union or bank’s Service Center button on the screen. From there, you’ll have to select your current bank or credit union and enter the corresponding account number from the bank or credit union you have just selected. You will then have to swipe your banking card through the machine so that your account information can be loaded on the Vcom unit. A series of questions will have to be answered as well, as this will determine that you are the true account holder. Once you have answered all of the questions, you’ll need to create a PIN number to use the service.

Using the Vcom Check Cashing Service

After swiping your card through the unit, select an option from the Transaction menu. You will normally be able to make cash withdrawals, deposits, money transfers, selected loan payments or even deal with some forms of account inquiries. You will normally be able to use these machines at any time that your local 7 Eleven store is open, meaning that you can conveniently cash pay checks on your way home from work – and do a little shopping at the same time if need be. The Vcom check cashing system has been labeled as one of the most convenient and easy to use check cashing systems around.

When using the Vcom check cashing service, customers need to remember that their personal safety is important. They should never share their PIN number or personal account information with strangers, and if the unit appears to be malfunctioning in any way, it should not be used. This will help ensure that their bank account information as well as their funds are kept as safe as possible at all times.