Are Walgreens Pharmacy Prices Good or Not?

When shopping around to have prescriptions refilled, many people have to take pricing of their medications into account, especially if they do not have any form of health insurance. This results in many of them wanting to know if the Walgreens pharmacy prices are any good or not. However, as with any available pharmacy, prices on different products can vary quite substantially between different pharmacy chains.

Always Call Ahead to Inquire

If you are not able to verify the Walgreens pharmacy prices online for your particular medication, you may have to call your local branch for more information before taking your prescription in to be filled. This will allow you to determine whether their pricing will be most suitable for your budget or not. There may be instances where you could get lower than average pricing on your script at Walgreens, such as when promotions or special offers are advertised.

If you find that Walgreens pharmacy prices are better than expected when calling in, it is also possible to have them refill your prescription there and then – provided that you can get a copy of it through to them. In some cases, your doctor may be able to send it through to them ahead of time.

A Wide Range to Choose From

Another point to take into consideration when comparing Walgreens pharmacy prices to those of other pharmacies or drug stores in your area is that Walgreens usually carry an extensive range of medications. This means that you should be able to have most of your prescriptions refilled with them each month. Because Walgreens also carry a wide range of household items, groceries and other stock, it enables you to do other shopping while you wait for your prescription to be failed as well – saving you a substantial amount of time and effort.

Reducing Walgreens Pharmacy Prices Even Further

Although many people have agreed that Walgreens pharmacy prices are normally very good, there may still be ways to reduce these costs even more by means of discount coupons or prescription cards. In many cases, discount coupons can be found in store fliers or even online, where they can be downloaded and printed. Prescription cards on the other hand can usually be obtained through a doctor or other health care provider. These are normally made available for patients who cannot afford to cover the full cost of their prescription medications each month. In most cases, it is possible to save anywhere between 10% and 75% off the regular price of prescription medication when using these.

When comparing Walgreens pharmacy prices to those of other pharmacies, it’s also important to take the distance that you’ll need to travel into account. It’s no use having to travel 20 miles to save $2 on your prescription. If you intend using a discount coupon or prescription card, you may need to call ahead of time and confirm that your local Walgreens branch will be able to honor it or not.