Is Walmart Open 24 Hours?

Walmart is somewhat of a “catch all” when it comes to large chains. “Wally World”, as it has been affectionately nicknamed by its patrons. It is important to mention that some of their stores are open 24-hours and that like the cherry on top of this massive retailer’s cake.

What does one buy at Walmart? Is Walmart open 24 hours a day? How many Walmart locations are open all day and night?

Keep reading to find out!

Getting to know Walmart

It is safe to say that pretty much everyone residing in the United States has at least heard of Walmart if not shopped in one.

They are an internationally renowned retail powerhouse.

The place has everything.

Walmart Supercenters

If you are lucky enough you will come across one of the Walmart Supercenters, the unicorn of the stores.

At these special locations, you are able to do a full grocery shop in addition to getting your pharmacy items, clothes, and toys. These stores carry a full line of produce, meat, and grocery items.

Gifts Galore

Walmart is the perfect place to go for all of your holiday needs.

Many will make their way to their local Walmart during the wee hours for their amazing Black Friday deals after Thanksgiving. Electronics fly off the shelf due to their slashed prices.

Walmart shelves are stocked with perfect gifts for even the most difficult to buy for. Toys, outdoor activities, homeware, furniture, auto parts, fishing supplies, even hunting equipment where laws permit!

There is definitely something for everyone at Walmart.

You must be wondering, “Is Walmart open 24 hours?”

Is Walmart open 24 hours?

Shopping Cart View on a Supermarket Aisle and Shelves - Image Has a Shallow Depth of FieldWell, yes and no.

It seems like having stores open for 24 hours is something that occurs regionally.

There are certain regions in the country where laws do not permit stores to be open for 24 hours.

For instance, in the New England area, very few stores are open for 24 hours. Some of the Walmart stores in that region did dabble in the 24-hour game only to cut back their hours to a more “normal” business model.

Many of the stores in the southern and midwestern part of the country are in fact open for 24 hours but how long they will stay that way is a bit up in the air.

In 2015, at least 40 Walmart stores cut their hours and decided they would close for a few hours in the early morning. Most stores decided to shut down from the hours of midnight to 6 A.M.

Many stores are cutting back their hours because staying open is not proving to be cost effective or efficient.

In Bentonville, AR, stores slashed their hours in August 2015 because they wanted the store to be in tip top shape during the peak shopping hours.

The massive retailer felt that it was not worth it to staff their nearly empty stores with cashiers and clerks especially when they recently raised their employees’ wages.

Another awesome tip: you can do your banking through Western Union at one of their 24 hour locations.  Banking and grocery shopping at all hours?  How convenient!

How do I find out if my Walmart is open 24 hours?

If you are curious about where the closest Walmart is to your area and if it is open 24 hours you can call Walmart Customer Service.

You can also try and Google 24 hour Walmart in my area.

If you’re looking to learn more about 24-hour shopping facilities, check out our blog!