What’s the Closest Coffee Shop That’s 24 Hours?

It’s 2 am, the cupboard is bare, and you need a coffee fast. Maybe you’ve been working late, out on the town, driving or studying all night.

Regardless, you want a cuppa now. It’s the ultimate reward after a long-day and perfect pick-me-up for the long haul.

Besides that, caffeine withdrawals are a serious condition.

Check out our list to find the closest coffee shop that’s brewing 24-hours a day, before the headache sets in.

Closest Coffee Shop Franchises

You can always find the big name brands on the extra mile. For reliable service and a familiar selection, it pays to stick with what you know.


They’ve been bringing you coffee for over 40 years, and Starbucks is not about to let you down now. With thousands of outlets, mobile payments, free Wi-Fi and a drive-thru option, what could go wrong?

Sadly, not all Starbucks outlets are open 24-hours.

Many of them only close at 11 pm. However, there are quite a few 24-hour Starbucks that will do the trick in the early hours of the morning.

Dunkin’ Donuts

This All-American favorite has many stores that provide a 24-hour service of the caffeine kind.

You can pick up a hit of Arabica, Americano, Espresso, Latte or Macchiato – all with a side of donuts, of course. You can even add a flavored swirl of something sweet for an extra indulgence.

Coffee isn’t all that’s on the drinks menu all-day and night. You might just uncover a few of Dunkin’s secrets while you’re there.

Flying All Hours

If all else fails, head to for the nearest airport. Most of these have 24-hour access to a coffee franchise.

Find a Private Operator Near You

Not only the well-known giants offer 24-hour service. There are a few others that care about keeping you caffeinated in the wee hours.

While they are not all 24-hour shops, the following outlets may be within your reach when you are looking for the closest coffee shop for an after-hours brew:


Insomnia cookies in Birmingham is good for a coffee. Plus, you can get something tasty to dunk into it until 3 am daily.

Denny’s in Huntsville is there for you any time of the day.

The Waffle House in Montgomery offers 24-hour temptations.


L.A. Cafe in Spring Street Los Angeles has got you covered 24/7.

San Diego’s Le Stat’s on Park Boulevard or Adam’s Avenue is open 24 hours.

In San Jose, Happy Donuts along 7 Trees Boulevard is bound to put a smile on your dial.


Apart from Krispy Creme, Daily’s Dash, and Dunkin’ Donuts’ all-hours offering, the Coffee Grinder on Bay Meadows Road in Jacksonville is open until 12 am.

Miami has Karla Bakery on Flagler Street for a Cuban cuppa and unusual eats open all night long.

If you are in Tampa, you’re in for a 24-hour treat if Mauricio Faedo’s on Florida Avenue is your closest coffee shop. They brew an excellent cuppa. Plus, they have freshly-baked bread to go along with it.


Sublime donuts on Briarcliff Road is your only option in Atlanta. That is, unless you are craving a coffee before 2:00 AM, when Java Lords on Euclid Avenue is open.

In Savannah, Diner on Abercorn will serve you all night long. You might want to try a waffle while you are there.


Chicago’s Cafe Mustache in Milwaukee Avenue will serve you until 2:00 AM. Additionally, Starbucks North Avenue is open all night.

E State Street in Rockford has two 24-hour coffee shops at Denny’s and Perkins Restaurant and Bakery.


Bova’s Bakery on Boston’s Salem Street is good for a cuppa and a calzone around the clock.

Baked goods are also on offer at Helen’s Bakery Shop on Greenwood St. in Worcester, MA.

You can fill up on breakfast, burgers and even shrimp along with your coffee until 3:00 AM at Club Diner in Dutton Street, Lowell.

New York, New York

The city that never sleeps has plenty in the line of after-hours coffee.

Veselka on 2nd Avenue and 9th, L’Express on Park Avenue, Tick Tock Diner near Penn Station, and Gracie’s Corner Diner on 1st and 2nd, are your best round-the-clock bet.

It’s not quite 24-hours, but if Kobricks Coffee in the West Village is your nearest coffee shop, it’s open from 7:00-4:00 AM daily.


Bop on over to the I-Hop on E California Street for breakfast and coffee all day long in Oklahoma City.

Coffee House on Your Street offers a roaming coffee service from 5 am until 3:30 am every day. Call to check their whereabouts on (918) 633-6080.


In Philly, Midtown III Restaurant on 18th Street is your go-to place to top up any time of day.

Sphinx Cafe on Attwood Street in Pittsburgh will serve you until 1 am amid the cool architecture of an old church.


For late nights in Houston, head for Double Trouble Caffeine and Cocktails on Main Street which is open until 2:00 AM.

Jim’s Restaurant on Broadway Street in San Antonio is good for fast food and fulfilling coffees 24 hours a day.

In Dallas, Buzz Brews on Commerce Street and Cafe Brazil along Cedar Springs Road serve are two of the best options.


Seattle city slickers are out of luck. Most coffee shops around here close by 9:00 or 11:00 pm, except the Starbucks in Kirkland.

If you are in Spokane you can drive-thru at Dutch Brothers on Division Street 24/7.

Bertolino’s Coffee Bar on Union Avenue will see to your needs in Tacoma.

The Next Best Thing

Six beautiful women drinking coffee and chattingIf you can’t find a supplier near you, try one of these 24-hour breakfast joints. While they are not all connoisseurs of coffee, you are sure to find it on the menu.

Happy hunting!

Where do you go when the craving sets in after hours?

Let us know about your closest coffee shops that are open after hours, we’d love to add them to our data base.