What’s That Noise? The Sound of Emergency Home AC Repair

Have you ever been concerned about the noises your AC unit is making?

Maybe you noticed your AC unit was working fine, but it started making a noise that was unfamiliar.

If this happens, don’t assume your AC unit is fine. When your AC unit makes an unfamiliar noise, it could be a sign your AC unit needs to be repaired.

However, this isn’t always the case. But it’s important to know these common sounds and what they could potentially mean.

If your AC unit is making any of these noises, be prepared to start home AC repair.

Banging Noise

When your AC unit starts banging, it usually means a component is loose and is being jostled around the unit.

To determine if your AC unit needs to be repaired depends on the component that is loose. It could be something as simple as a screw. Or it could be something more severe.

When you hear this noise, call for home AC repair. This is especially important if you can’t replace the condenser yourself.

If you hear this noise in the middle of the night, don’t wait when calling a technician. Fortunately, 24-hour services are available.

Buzzing Noise

This doesn’t necessarily mean there’s an issue with the AC unit, but it could be the first sign of something severe. You usually hear a buzzing noise when there’s debris in the unit. But this could also mean there’s an electrical issue.

Turn off your unit and contact a professional. If this is an electrical issue, a professional knows the best method to handle it.

Clicking Noise

Overall, a clicking noise is normal. You usually hear this sound when you turn on your AC unit or turn it off. But if your AC unit constantly makes a clicking sound, it could mean something is wrong with your unit.

Examples are a broken thermostat or the controls are defective.

To really see if there’s an issue, turn your AC unit off, leave it off for a few minutes, and then turn it back on.

If the continuous clicking sound stops, it’s probably fine. But if it starts when you turn the AC unit back on, check your thermostat. You probably need to call a technician for home AC repair.

If your thermostat is fine, contact a local AC technician.

Humming Noise

This noise is caused by your system, usually by parts becoming loose. A humming noise is the first sign of a severe issue, such as loose wires or an issue with the motor.

Call a technician if you hear this noise. If you can look inside of the system, let the technician know what is loose.

If you notice this sound at night, find a 24-hour HVAC service.

Squealing Noise

This is usually an issue with the fan motor or blower wheel. When you hear this squealing noise, that means either part needs to be replaced.

Don’t fret, this problem isn’t urgent and won’t affect the effectiveness of your AC unit. But eventually, you will need to replace either the motor or the fan itself. This is best done by a technician.

Screeching Noises

This also indicates a problem with the blower motor, usually with the belt or motor bearings.

Repairing the belts can be done by a professional with home AC repair; fortunately, this fix is easy and inexpensive.

Fixing the motor bearings is also simple and can be done by a professional.

Often times, your system needs a little oil and the bearings will work fine. Just don’t procrastinate on calling a technician.

Rattling Noises

This means there’s another issue with the motor, but also with the blower. A rattling noise means apart is becoming loose in either compartment. This noise could also mean a part broke or is becoming disconnected.

This could be severe; if the part isn’t fixed or replaced, the system could shut down completely.

Shut the system off. Check and see if anything is loose or broken. If you see an issue, it’s best to call a technician.

Rattling noises could also be from the compressor or fan unit. If you notice your fan is rattling, that’s the first sign of an issue with your fan. This could mean your fan needs to be replaced, but it could also be a failing motor.

Check and make sure the sound is the fan and not the motor. Sounds within the motor are usually loud. If the sound is really loud, your compressor is probably failing.

Your motor and compressor should be fixed by a technician with home AC repair. Since this matter can be urgent, don’t think you have to wait during the day. There are 24-hour services available all night.

But don’t be alarmed if these noises only occur when you turn the AC unit on. This is normal.

Thumping Noises

Thumping noises usually indicate the blower is out of alignment. If left untouched, your AC unit could stop working.

This is a problem best fixed by a technician. When you first hear thumping noises, call a technician as soon as possible. This includes during the night. Find a 24-hour HVAC service.

Thwapping Noises

A funny ‘thwapping’ noise usually comes from the blower assembly or fan blades. However, if you hear this noise from your outdoor AC system, it probably collected debris.

If your AC unit is outside, check it for debris such as acorns, leaves, and even other pests. Either way, call a technician. Even when cleaning debris, they know the safest cleaning methods for your system.

Perform Home AC Repair Immediately

You don’t have to be an AC unit expert to identify weird sounds in your unit. Most of these issues can be fixed with home AC repair, and it’s always best to call a technician for complex repairs and if you’re ever unsure about anything.

Don’t ever procrastinate when you hear weird noises coming from your AC unit. If you need to find a technician in the middle of the night, we can help search a professional in your area.